पुन्य तिथि of Sakarben Somaiya 18 July 1995


21st July 2022

Dear Friends

The 18th of July (Monday - a couple of days ago), is the date when Smt. Sakarben Karamshi Somaiya Passed away.  It was 1995.

Our D. Ed. College is named after her.

She was one of the Founding Trustees of Somaiya Vidyavihar.  She was the strength behind our Founder Padmabhushan K. J. Somaiya.

She always said in Kutchi - જી વડ્ડો રખજે - Have a big heart.

And she created a culture of hospitality and making one feel at home.  She truly embodied the Sanskrit - अतिथि देवो भव: - A Guest is a manifestation of God and should be treated accordingly.  But here, who is a guest - अतिथि - अ + तिथि my father used to say.  One who comes without a date.  An unannounced visitor.  And she used to treat all guests - whether announced or unannounced as equivalent to God.

In this day and age, we do not think twice about thinking, speaking or broadcasting negatively of others. 
Sant Shri Morari Bapu in a Katha a year ago spoke about her and the remorse she felt when she referred to another as a 'बेचारा'  

I do hope that we can cultivate in ourselves, a big heart, her sense of respect to all, and an ability to correct ourselves when we do what we believe to be wrong.  

I attach the video clip below.  

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