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17th February 2018

Dear friends,

About 15 years ago, I met young girl in rural Karnataka who wanted to study.  She was in the 10th standard, and aspired to be a Doctor.  But, for want of money, her family was thinking of getting her married.

I asked her mother, if she would consider continuing her education, if we funded her education.  Her mother readily agreed, and the young girl is now a teacher.

Should this remain a chance meeting between two people.  Could we not scale this?  There are so many promising students, who for want of opportunity and/or money, are forced to give up their education.  

Amrita and I always thought that we should expand this.  That it should reach more people.  More people should contribute, and more should be helped.  We have continued to help and contribute individually, and request friends to assist.  Currently, every year, more than 600 new students are helped.  

This year, Amrita wondered, that could we involve our Somaiya students to help fund raise for this.  And she is trying to involve our community.   

I invite you to visit:


A little bit goes a long way.  

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