15th May 2018

Dear Colleagues,

There is always a time for transition.  Mr. Ranganathan has served as the Secretary of K J Somaiya Trust, and all Trusts supported by our group.  After serving for over 16 years, he will now make way for Lieutenant General Jagbir Singh.  Lieutenant Jagbir Singh takes over from today, but the period of transition will be until 1 December 2018.

Mr. Ranganathan has served us for over 16 years, and carried on the tradition of Mr. P M Kavadia before him.  We now welcome Lieutenant General Jagbir Singh, who retired from serving our country after 39 years of service.

While in service, he had administrative command of the Indian Army in peninsular India, with over 30 establishments and 75,000 personnel under his control.  He oversaw the working of 9 military hospitals, and premier education institutions and schools of the Army.

We are delighted that he joins us, and will, start taking over from Mr. Ranganathan as Secretary of all the Trusts under our fold.  Please join me in welcoming him.

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