Interdisciplinary Research


16th October 2017


Dear friends, 

It is always our endeavour to create avenues of interdisciplinary research.  Over a year ago, one such research project was undertaken jointly by our Department of Paediatrics at the K J Somaiya Medical College and Research Centre, as well as the K J Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham.

The study was to see the effect of meditation and Yoga on children suffering from epilepsy.  The results will be published soon, but they show that there is a marked difference in those children who underwent Yoga therapy and those who did not.  And that these were established scientifically.

Our motto is ज्ञानादेव तु कैवल्यम् - Knowledge Alone Liberates.  I am happy that we are doing research at the interface of disciplines, and also finding results that will be published and help the wider community.



Samir Somaiya


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